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Bek., J., O'Farrell.,R & Cooney., S (version 1 June 16 2024) Experience in sports and music influences implicit motor imagery.PsyArXiv

Beyond Gender: Interoceptive Sensibility as a Key Predictor of Body Image Disturbances
Naraindas, A. M., Moreno, M., & Cooney, S. M. (2023). 

 Men are often understudied in the realm of body image research, therefore this study sought to explore body image disturbance (BID) in women and men, examining its links to interoceptive sensibility (IS) and gender. While both gender and IS predicted BID, IS maintained a unique influence beyond gender. Notably, gender differences didn't impact performance in the body schema task. To read more, the full paper is linked below.

Body image disturbance, interoceptive sensibility and the body schema across female adulthood: A pre-registered study.
Naraindas, A. M., & Cooney, S. M. (2023). 

While most body image disturbance research has looked at clinical populations, the current study explores its prevalence among a healthy female population across adulthood. Read the full paper to learn more about our findings.

Primary Schoolers' Response to a Multisensory Serious Game on Cartesian Plane Coordinates in Immersive Virtual Reality.
Cuturi, L. F., Cooney, S., Cappagli, G., Newell, F. N., & Gori, M. (2023) 

VR presents distinct advantages within an educational learning environment due to its immersive nature. Children in the experimental group played a virtual-reality game; the 'Cartesian-Garden' which integrates multi-sensory responses. Significant differences in findings existed between age groups, suggesting the unique potential for older school children to benefit from the training due to greater multi-sensory processing abilities.

Self-reported vividness of tactile imagery for object properties and body regions: An exploratory study
O' Dowd A., Cooney S. M., Newell F. N, (2022)

This study examined tactile imagery for both object- and body-based sensations in the general population. Imagery vividness varied greatly on the imagined object and its properties, while vividness also depended on the imagined body region and its imagined touch for body-based sensations.

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