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Participants wanted:

Does body image perception influence attitudes towards cosmetic surgery? 

The UCD Body Cognition Lab and Youth Mental Health Lab are looking for adults aged 18+ to take part in a 15-minute survey that investigate the link between body image and attitudes towards aesthetic procedures.

This study is also interested in capturing

the experiences of those who have engaged with aesthetic procedures by including some open-ended questions. To participate, follow the link below!

Follow the link below to get involved!

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Current Research

Do our beliefs about our appearance affect how we imagine movement? 

The UCD Body Lab is looking for women to take part in a brief 10-minute survey that explores body image and how we imagine movement. The lab is looking for women residing in Ireland aged between 18-50 to partake. If you would like to be invited to a *paid* virtual reality study at University College Dublin please remember to put your email address down at the end of the survey. 

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Get involved!

Follow the link below to get involved!

The Latest

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